I'm confused selecting my license. Any advice?

Well, you have plenty of options at hand.
If you’re a student and need Decoracha font for your uni projects, you can go with the Student License.
If it’s been a long since your school years, yet you want to experiment with Decoracha font on your personal projects, you may go with the Personal Use License. This license can be used in up to 2 devices.
However, since your work is destined for a client project or a business project of yours, meaning that it’s an element of work providing you with any kind of income, then you have to purchase a commercial use license. In that case, don’t forget to choose the number of people about to use it and let us know about the project the font will be used for (FYI, once a year we choose our favorite commercial projects that get special Decoracha perks!).

How can I upgrade to Commercial Use License?

Log into your account, click the menu on the top right of the page, select License and then click on Upgrade license button. You’ll be directed to a secure payment environment and, after successfully completing the known process, you’ll be good to go with your commercial use license.

Can I use one license in multiple devices?

A Decoracha use license can be used in up to 2 devices. In case you have a commercial use license, then you have to go with the number of seats you selected when purchased it.

I'm a student. How can I get Decoracha?

Good news for you! Student license is now available. All you have to do is log in with your university e-mail, add your institute’s name and the year of your registration.

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